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​​​~~Addie L. Ballou is mentioned in articles on suffrage as a California contemporary of Cora Foltz and Laura de Force Gordon. And listed as the artist who painted the official portrait of the 18th governor of California, Henry Harrison Markham. We know she traveled to Melbourne, Australia to study the paranormal, lecture on reform, and stay in the mansion of Thomas H. Stanford.

So why haven't we heard of Addie, the mother of four? Or Addie the wife who believed in reform? Or the poet who left a trail of bread crumbs to her heart and a score of descendants who inherited her drive and artistic abilities? Could it be ... she followed her heart, not necessarily the rules of the day? Or that she was ahead of her time, not appreciated by her family, and stubborn as all get out?

Based on family diaries, her published autobiographical poetry, and solid research, this narrative biography gives us a rare insight into the life of Addie L. Ballou. A series of historical novels based on her life will follow as part of "Shedding new light on American history through the life of Addie L. Ballou (1838-1916), one story at a time."

What prompted me to write the biography of Addie L. Ballou:

~~It began when my father passed away in 2001 and a copy of Addie’s "Driftwood" miraculously landed in my lap. Other documents, letters from cousins, and a painting of the Spiritualist Camp in Delphos, Kansas, done by Donald David Ballou found their way to my “lap” as well. Eventually, I accepted that I was the one to write this biography of my great-great-grandmother. A photograph of that painting is what you see on my Home page. The painting itself is now in a museum in Delphos, Kansas.

Alice Allan

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"... a fitting tribute to a vibrant, outspoken woman consumed with her love for family and artistic expression."

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